How to Jump Start a Car

Jump Start a Car

Car battery died? You’ll know that you need a jump start if you’re turning the key and the engine won’t turn on. City Cadillac covers how to jump start a car and how to find a jump start car service in Long Island City below so you can be prepared for emergencies!

How to Properly Jump Start a Car 

The proper way to jump start a car involves only two tools — a pair of jumper cables and another car. If you’re not around another car or a portable battery, you can call a service like AAA that serves Astoria and Great Neck. Here’s what to do if you’ve got everything in place: 

    • Get Face to Face: Pull the car with the good battery face-to-face with your car. Make sure both vehicles are off and have engaged parking breaks. 
    • Locate the Batteries: Now locate the batteries on each car. There’s a good chance that you’ll need to lift a plastic hood to uncover the battery on both vehicles.
  • Find the Positive and Negative Terminals: For lots of reasons, car batteries and terminals look different. Find the positive and negative terminals, labeled with a (+) and (-) sign, and make sure they are clean and free of corrosion. 
  • Connect: Starting with both positives, connect the red clamps onto both terminals. Then proceed with the other set up clamps. The extra clamp should go on an unpainted metal surface nearby. 
  • Start Your Engines: Have the working vehicle start it’s engine first. After waiting a few seconds, turn on the car with the dead engine. 
  • Keep it Running: You’ll need to run a dead battery for a little while to make sure it recharges. Keep your engine on for at least 10 minutes after you’ve jump-started your vehicle. 

Car won’t jump start? As any service center would tell you, it’s good to give it another go, perhaps giving the dead battery more time to charge up. Or, you could be facing other issues like a bad starter or even an old, dead battery.

Jump Start Car Service from Cadillac 

For Brooklyn drivers who fret about their vehicle running into trouble, it’s good to know that the Cadillac Warranty coverage includes roadside assistance. Cadillac is so proud of their vehicles, they’re willing to provide 24/7 roadside service to their drivers. Roadside assistance and the extended warranties on Cadillac vehicles are both reasons why this luxury brand has such a loyal following. 

Learn about Car Care with City Cadillac

At City Cadillac, we don’t just want Long Island City drivers to have a great car we provide; we want you to feel empowered to care for your car and be in communication with experts. That’s why we provide service tips in addition to service specials. Contact us today with any car issues you may be having and we’ll be happy to help!

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