How Do I Use The MyCadillac App?

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If you’ve purchased a new Cadillac, you’ve probably heard about the MyCadillac App. The MyCadillac App comes with extensive features to help you connect with your new Cadillac and use it to its full potential while you drive around Long Island City. The MyCadillac App connects with your car’s information system so you can enjoy Apple or Android phone connectivity along with remote access to your Cadillac. Read our guide to learn how to download and use the MyCadillac App to its full potential.

Downloading The MyCadillac App

Now that you’ve received the title to your new or used Cadillac, it’s time to enjoy all the additional features that come with it. To begin, you’ll want to connect your Apple or Android phone to your Cadillac using the MyCadillac App. Follow these steps to download and install the app to your phone:

  1. Visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for MyCadillac.
  2. Click the download button to install the app on your phone.
  3. Create an OnStar account or a Cadillac Owner Center account at
  4. Use your new account information to log in to the app on your smartphone.

If you are having trouble downloading the MyCadillac App, contact us and we’ll help you get the MyCadillac App installed and set-up so you can begin to enjoy your rides around Astoria.

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MyCadillac Features

With the MyCadillac App downloaded, you can take advantage of its suite of features that will make your drive around Great Neck more entertaining and convenient.

  • Cadillac Smart Driver – This function allows you to see recent trip information, driving habit insights, monthly summaries, and available insurance discounts for safe driving.
  • Preferred Dealer – Choose a preferred dealer and you can schedule Cadillac service within the MyCadillac app. This feature also lets users easily check for recalls.
  • Vehicle Service – With the MyCadillac App you can keep track of required maintenance for your Cadillac, past service visits, change or cancel service appointments, and receive instant service alerts.
  • Owner’s Manual / How Things Work – Enjoy instant access to a searchable Owner’s Manual, as well as how-to videos related to all of your favorite Cadillac features.
  • My Cadillac Rewards – Are you leasing a new car, purchasing auto parts, or taking care of regular service? Enroll in the My Cadillac Rewards to earn points for all things Cadillac. You’ll earn rewards that you can spend on everything from protection plans to additional features.
  • Assistance – Use the MyCadillac app Assistance tab to contact OnStar support or Roadside Assistance.
  • Marketplace – A variety of brands partner with Cadillac to offer a rotating selection of rewards and incentives. Use the app to browse special offers and earn points.

MyCadillac Remote Access Plan Benefits

Drivers in Brooklyn can purchase the Remote Access Plan to receive these additional benefits:

  • Mobile Vehicle Status – Check your fuel level, tire pressure, oil life, or mileage from your smartphone.
  • Remote Commands – Access remote locking/unlocking and MyCadillac Remote Start app features. You can also sound the horn from a distance, or flash the vehicle’s lights.
  • Navigation – Search for directions on your smartphone and send them instantly to your Cadillac navigation system.
  • Vehicle Location – Instantly locate your vehicle, send notifications for arrivals and departures, set boundary alerts, and find where you parked!

Learn More at City Cadillac!

With your MyCadillac App set up and paired with your new car, it’s time to take your Cadillac on the road and visit the best pizza in Brooklyn or our favorite restaurants in Astoria, NY. When you’re ready, make an appointment on your MyCadillac App with our service center to ensure that your Cadillac stays in top condition, then use our online guide to see what the Cadillac warranty covers.

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