What is Cadillac Super Cruise?

Cadillac CT6 Driving

For local drivers in need of a high-class luxury model for their next family-friendly vehicle, choosing a Cadillac model means access to top technology, a high-end interior, and advanced safety features. Our extensive lineup features an inventory of sedans, coupes, and SUVs at different price points, but all offer the latest in technology to keep you connected while out on the town. This includes Cadillac Super Cruise.

Cadillac Super Cruise Driver Assistance

Cadillac Super Cruise is a handsfree driver assistance system available on more than 130,000 miles of limited-access freeways separated from opposing traffic. This much-talked-about system is available on 2018 and 2019 Cadillac CT6 models.

How Does This Cadillac Handsfree Driving System Work?

With an attentive driver behind the wheel, and under the right driving conditions, you can enjoy hands-free driving with the Super Cruise. This innovative system works with Adaptive Cruise Control, which controls acceleration and brake while it’s enabled and operating.

Super Cruise uses in-car cameras, radar sensors, and GPS to detect each curve and hill on the road ahead in addition to supporting services through OnStar®, as well as precision LiDAR mapping. This Cadillac hands-free driving system helps make long drives more convenient and comfortable no matter how long the drive. The Super Cruise package includes 3 years of OnStar® for functionality support, after which an OnStar® plan must be purchased.

Man driving a Cadillac CT6

How to Activate Super Cruise

Using this exciting new Cadillac feature is quick and easy. Simply use these three easy steps to get started:

  1. Press the Adaptive Cruise Control button on the steering wheel to turn it on. The symbol on the instrument cluster will illuminate in WHITE. If the adaptive cruise control is already set, the symbol will be GREEN with the speed shown.
  2. When the system detects that you’re on a limited-access freeway, paying enough attention, and other driving conditions are met, the Super Cruise symbol will illuminate WHITE on the instrument cluster. The other driving conditions include:
    • Lane markings visible
    • GPA available
    • NO system faults
  3. When it’s safe, press the Super Cruise button on the steering wheel. This engages the system, then the symbol and the steering wheel light bar will illuminate GREEN. Once it does, you can remove your hands from the steering wheel. Do not remove your hands from the wheel unless the light bar is green. This indicates that the Super Cruise is activated and steering your vehicle. If you want to disengage, press the Super Cruise button again or press the brake pedal.

Driving Assistance Features

The following features need to be activated:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control Is: ON
  • Forward Collision System Set To: ALERT AND BRAKE

The following feature in your vehicle must be deactivated:

  • Teen Driver is: OFF

When Not To Use Super Cruise

There are situations when Super Cruise should not be activated:

  • When you’re not on a limited-access freeway separated from opposing traffic
  • During difficult or uncertain driving conditions
  • When lane markings are hard to see, or you have limited visibility
  • In a tunnel or construction zones
  • In slippery or other adverse conditions like rain, sleet, fog snow, or ice
  • When towing a trailer
  • When in a freeway exit lane, as Super Cruise is not designed to operate in this area

Experience the Cadillac Super Cruise at City Cadillac!

If the Super Cruise system is something you want in a new Cadillac model, visit City Cadillac for a test drive in a new vehicle! Once you get the feel for hands-free driving, you won’t want to drive without it. Learn more about this system and its upcoming 2021 updates, check out our new vehicle specials, and contact us with any questions!

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